Friday, November 03, 2006

The Question of Ayrans: Azeri Views

The truth is, is that Pure Race Aryans can be found in modern day Iran.

Infact, 51% of of Iranians and pure raced Persians.

The mixed ones, that barely have any Aryan genes left in their body live around the borders.

But the ones in the center, conservatively kept, are the true Persians.

No, most do not have blonde hair, blue eyes, but that's not necessarily Aryan, as they still have white, or olive coloured skin, and are not brown.

The Brown Iranians you see are NOT Persian, and are probobly immigrants from other countries, or have other decents.

IF you see a Persian than is darker than another, it just means that the country's climate has effected his bloodline more than another's.

And let me tell you the guy in the picture and 10 percent of Iranian Dark population like him are a minority in Iran and we ourselves do not consider them whites as Italians not considering people from Naples whites lol. So what you show me an ugly Iranian to prove that Iran is not a white Aryan nation? lol. Then USA is out of the map because you have to deal with millions of Negroes and Yellows lol. In Iran we do not have that at least we only have to deal with 10 percent that are not even Negroes but they are browns lol

I never said that Fanatics did not exist in Iran. They exist anywhere in the world. The government in Iran is a Fanatic Government. Read my notes carefully and study about the Movement of Iranian Aryans against the regime. It is not new to anyone ears but you. Those that you see Islamic Iran showing on TV are bunch of Rental Arabs, Bosnian Muslims and brainwashed Iranian Muslims that may only be 2 percent of Iranian population. 2 percent of 75 million would be 1.5 million and let me tell you, Islamic Iran has more popularity abroad than inside. That is why they bring Arab Muslims to oppress any Opposition In Iran.
If Iranian Women are not different, they have been under Islamic rule about 28 years but no one could push them to become house wives or not let them drive like Arabic states. Look how gorgeous and fashionable they are and how educated and free they are under such a dictatorship. I feel sympathy with our women who are fighting every day of their lives to uncover their hair and show more body. Iranian women are not like any other Muslim countries. They are hot and sexy and like to show skin and become Miss world. Did know that Miss Europe and Canada were Iranian girls. Did you know Miss Norway was Iranian but because of playing a porno Movie she was disqualified? Did you know the runner up of Miss World 2004 was an Iranian ? Our women and students fight everyday and you will be shocked soon to see what changes will take place in Iran.
Please do not tell me that you do not know these as anyone in the world knows if there is an uprising against ayatollahs, 60 million Iranians will die to change their government and 20 million Muslims will come from abroad to save their Islamic Mecca. This has happened anytime Iran had an uprising in recent years.
And believe it or not, We exist.

Just hang in there. I have asked couple of our supporters to cut into some of those ancient graves of Persian Soldiers and bring their Mummies to us . If you wait I bring them. By the way, I will be so sorry to see you disappointed because Mail USA may paint their faces to black to match the Iranians as in the Movie of Alexander Great. Black Iranian lol . That is funny Anyways, The faces in black is to distinct the face from body . That is an old ancient style to emphasize more on face. But I remember my ancestor had a Kodak Digital Camera 1900 BC . I will E-mail you his family's pictures so you can see their blue eyes and blond hair By the way I am sorry I am not white because I only have light brown hair, pale white skin and light brown ( Greenish ) eyes. Poor me but I am sure my Grandpa's picture from 100 BC will prove that I used to be a white by your standards. By the way your Grandma's green eyes is nothing but an accident

Anyways, I don't know why you are trying to make yourself believe Iranians are less white than anyone. With the ever increasing number of immigrants in Europe and North America, Iran looks the whitest country to me. If Iranian girls go out with Negroes, they are banned and abandoned from the whole family ( If even a black exist in Iran- I haven't seen one yet).
Therefore let us teach you how we have closed our borders to others. You may then be able to keep your country as white as us. Otherwise, you will be forced to escape from Chinese North America to your real fatherland the Aryan- Iran.

With regards with Shirin Ebadi, She has light brown hair and eyes. The last Mongol with that feature it is not remembered. She is not the whitest but she has white features but I do not consider her pure white. She is an average Iranian woman.

Regards. INSP

On Shirin Ebadi: Is she Aryan?

In Northern Europe that would not be seen as light brown hair, but rather dark brown hair. But I don't base my assumptions of mongoloid admixture on her skin or hair color but on her face, it looks too flat and she seems a little too slant-eyed to be pure Caucasoid. Maybe it's because she is a little fat and makes that grin on the photo, but I don't think many native Europeans would mistake her for being European, and that's pretty much my definition of White. If you look as a native European, regardless of if you stem from Iran, India, Algeria or somewhere else, then you are White.

INSP on Azeri Turk Shirin Ebadi

Yes with her honestly, I think it's because she is fat. And she has died her hair a bit darker because she has white hair otherwise her hair is light brown. Come on we have blondes in my country too lol. I know the difference between Dark and light brown. Anyways, I think the same way. If you are white, You are white but in order to be WN Religion should not be the base of your thinking. Even though, I haven't seen a white East Indian yet but He or she is my brother if this happens to exist.

The Ideology of an Azeri Turk "Aryan"

I have copied this from another forum where an Azeri Turk discusses his ideology:

Posted by Azeri Turk:
Here i have alot of questions and you must answer to all of them

please answer carefully:

1 - What is ethnic cleanse?
2 - How can i cleanse my blood?
1 - Why i must cleanse my blood?
2 - Is brown eyes and hairs a non-white influence that mixed with my blood?
3 - It is true that pure Aryan must have blue eyes and blond hairs?
If yes then, what i must to do for having taller grandchildren with blue eyes
and blond hairs?
please read and answer carefully. these questions is very important for me. they annoyanced my mind for about 10 years

my father was 170cc and my mother is 157cc. but i'm 184 and my bro is 190 (he is 3 years younger than me! but he is taller than me. i think because he is goal keeper) this shows we have genetical potential to having BIG Aryan sons.

my momma said that she is short cause malnutrition in adolescence.
but hopefully malnutrition can't change genes. and we are taller than those ****ing semi caucasians in Iran who call themselves Persian

1- who said i have semite mixture? i just asked that dark eyes and hairs is a non-white talent and you said NO!!! so i haven't semite talent.

who said i want marry with that German girl? i only asked a question about her. i haven,t a chat with her yet. if she become online i would ask her net2net (looooool-about Christ's Sake). i haven't good financial situation for immigration to germany or overhand. so i must marry an Iranian case.

i founded a good Iranian Nordic case with dark blonde hair and aqua eyes. but she is a fool. she is from a rich family. she would never marry with me until i found a good job with a high income.

But if you want children like that, marry a blonde woman, and pray to... a higher force, your children will be like her.

ok. i will go to Iranic plains for hunting a Nordic Nomad girl with that characteristic (I'm sure her bros will beat me for greeting )
because all Nordic types in Tehran occupied by rich mullah's sons


Qaisullah said...

I do agree - Persians are white, often very European looking, even N. west European looking in many cases. Many, though, resemble Greeks and Croats quite saliently.

There is, however, a swarthy mesopotamian element present here as well. This seems not to be "Aryan", but semitic in origin. Dravidian-like forms can also be discerned.

Anonymous said...

Qaisullah's '...resemble Greeks and Croats...' is a very confused statement, because both are physically divergent: less than 10% of Croats look alike Greeks, and 17% of them only have a connecting Y-DNA (I know that from my professional job as Dr.sci. specialised in topic); Yoshamya.