Friday, November 03, 2006

Azeri Views on Land of Aryan

Iran means land of the aryans. And Aryans means noble, its like patriotism. Kurds and persians are one. seperated by history. Medes and persians where ones one people. Pretty much like English is german but another accent. Today there are kurds and persians. And English and German. But for 1000 years ago england spoke german. Du Hast(german), Thou Hast (old english). Has is hast today. Fish is fish in both languages still today. English is not a latin language but germanic. Its like that relations between kurds and persians. Dividing iranians between kurds azeri and persians are stupid. Not all kurds are kurds, not al persians are persian. Im for example parthian. Persians are Fars, people from Fars province a tiny bit of Iran. Im from Khorassan Parthia diffrent bloodline, but still persian in ethnicithy maps. Diri if you are born in Iran or have parenths from there then you are as much Iranian as any persian. Its only pathetic and poor to divide. look at rich and succesfull nations they only have their nations. In broken countries like Iran or African you have diffrent tribes and kurds and persians.

What makes you Iranian is your people having a mother language that is an Iranian language as well as Iranian culture and traditions.

Okey... So Azeris are not Iranian? Culture/tradition is relative...

Azeris have persian DNA, they are turks cause of influence, they celebrate newrhoos, all iranian people does.

The ancestors of Kurdish people make up what is the history of Iran, even though Iranians through history are referred to with different terms.

So - Iran is Kurdish?
Why refere to Iran with different names if it is Kurdish?

Kurd, persian, parthian... It dosent exist. We have mongol blood, turk blood etc. Kurds are iranian, persians are farsis and live in a tiny bit of Iran, kurds lived in northen iran, but some way time and history have changed things, now 80% of al persians are diffrent non persian tribes speaking farsi and have persian cultures. Kurds live in my familys bloodline city bojnourd, whole northen khorsassan, north eastern iran is full of kurds. between kurdestan and that part is also kurds speaking persian and today is persian. Persians in kurdestan is now kurds. Its all an illusion, we are moslems but its not our native religion, its all of history. Forget about being kurd or persian, the time of ethnicitys belongs to the past and ignorant. Be proud but dont create a kurdestan from Iran. The next king of Iran can be kurd, the president and goverment can be all kurd but there will be no kurdish state fom Iranian land. Just drop it, be realistic its not the medieval times anymore.

Not persian or kurdish, Iranian, and yes kurds do come from northen Iran. The worlds ethnicities isnt language an culture. Arabs live in the "arabian". Iraqis and egyptians are not at all arabs but speak arabic and therfore are arabs. Kurds and persian speak diffrent languages but it dosent mean anything!

This is a bad map dosent show khorassan, but still the kurds are green, the kurds in Turkmenistan was there before the kurds in iran or Turkey. They immigrated west. to todays kurdestan. I never said all iranians have the same bloodline, but they are the same. Kurds eat persian food, persians eat kurdish food. evereyone in the world thinks they where first and best. The "persian empire" was of 4 languages and capitols. All to unite. But there where so much more but only 4 was enough. Parsi are folk from Pars province, there are thousands of tribes that are called persians today like Yazdi and Espehani. They are not persians but still they are.

Yes Azeris are Aryan! They speak a Turkic language, but they are Iranians historically. Persian speak Farsi which is full of ARabic, IMO up to 50% Arabic. Yet are we 50% Arabs??? No.

It doesn't matter if Kurdish Language is different, and Kurdish dance is different. India is has far more language diversity than Iran, more ethnic/cultural/tradition differences. Yet all consider themselves Indian.

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