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Azeri Turks claim Aryans

This has been posted by Mr. Azeriturk on another forum. Mr. AzeriTurk is discussing how "Aryan" looking European Azeris are. An American posts a picture of Azeri Volunteers and asks MR. AzeriTurk to explain why Azeris do not look very "Aryan" in the picture.

Azeri Volunteers Iran-Iraq War

Originally Posted by Azeri Turk

Don't worry. Those guys are most probably all dead. It's funny how you only post fanatic nutcase Iranians not middle or upper class ones. You're assisting the propaganda that only represents Iranians as savage and a threat to the West. Israel wants this because they can trot out Alicia Silverstone et al. and say 'we are your "Judeo-Christian" brothers, let's unite against this horde'. Unfortunately, many believe it.

Why not post this?

Or these soldiers even?

By the way, there is no way you can be sure they have "black" eyes at that distance (nobody has black eyes anyway). God forbid any Greeks or Italians have swarthy skin and black hair though!

Oslonor Comments

The first picture is Azeri volunteers who actually defended the Azeri regime in Tehran in the war against Iraq. It is not clear how being a "fanatic nutcase" changes the appearance to a non-aryan appearance. The third picture shows Azeri soldiers who are mostly stationed within Iran. These are Iranian/Azeri "Swedes" according to Mr. AzeriTurk. They are much whiter than those other Azeri volunteers!!!!! They probably all have blond hair and blue eyes. But you can not see it from distance according to AzeriTurk!!!!

Mr. AzeriTurk is very glad that the volunteers are dead!!!! Because he does not have defend their pictures anymore!!!!!! This shows Mr. AzeriTurk "Aryan" culture. The Best one is the picture of Azeris girls dancing and laughing at the Azeri volunteers who went to War fronts against Iraq..!!!!! This was Azeri culture from Caucasus.

17 October 2001
25 Mehr 1380
The Truth About The Aryan Race - by Xerxes Aryana

Iranians living abroad are faced with many trivial issues that we ourselves here in Iran do not have to confront. Unfortunately, we must deal with issues that are far more serious and which constantly threaten our daily lives. Being outside of Iran, they do not have much reality on those problems until they observe them up close whenever they visit. Only then do they realize how bad the situation really has become and that the need for change becomes ever more urgent.

It is certainly of vital importance that we concentrate on eliminating these problems, be they economic or social, and we must be willing to work within the framework of the Islamic Republic. Many of you may be appalled by this statement, but the fact of the matter is that the people are suffering right now and we must do whatever we can to help them through these difficult times. If we do not, the situation will only worsen and the suffering of our people will increase.

These problems in Iran today essentially stem from a lack of unity, which further stems from a lack of true identity. During the revolution, the people thought that Islam would solve the social problems of the day and that an Islamic identity would unite the nation. Obviously, that didn't work out as well as they thought. And so the youth of Iran today are in search of their identity, but they don't know where to look. Their questions have gone unanswered for too long. It is time now to dissect this issue and discover who we really are.

If we were to believe in everything American and European scholars say, then we would be led to believe that our race is no longer homogenous, but has been subjected to heavy intermingling with Arabs and Mongols. Of course, their uneducated opinions do not mean anything to us, but unfortunately there are quite a few Iranians who have bought into this garbage. Hopefully this document will help in eradicating such lies when you are confronted by them. Here are a number of reasons why Aryan Iranians are not of mixed ancestry and are in fact a homogenous Race:

1) Two or more races cannot co-exist in harmony. One race will ultimately assimilate the others. This is a natural law. Egypt is a perfect example of this law in action. The ancient Egyptians, who were White, had their own distinct language and culture until they were conquered by the Arabs. Today, Egypt is an Arab country without it's own language or culture. Modern Egyptians are a dark mix of Arab and Nubian and their language is Arabic. Syria, Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon were not originally Arab countries, but today they are. None of these nations and peoples has their own distinct culture or language. Their ancient civilizations have long been dead. What this proves is that if a nation has it's own distinct language, culture, and history that have all survived since the founding of that civilization, then the people of that nation are indeed homogenous, and not a mixed, mongrel race.

2) Proponents of the "Arab-Iranian ancestry" theory love to point to the fact that Iran is predominantly Muslim. Their line of reasoning is that since Iran is a Muslim country, then the Iranian people must have mixed with the Arab invaders who "forced" Islam onto Iran. The fact of the matter is that the Iranian people were not forcibly converted to Islam, but did so on their own volition. Because people had become sick of the tyrannical rule of the Sassanid Dynasty and the ruling Zoroastrian clergy, they did not put up much of a fight against the Arab invaders. The Arabs did not go around raping our women and slaughtering everyone who did not convert as is commonly thought. The majority of Iranians had become sick of Zoroastrianism and wanted something new, and Islam was definitely something new. Those few who did not want to convert left Iran and settled in India (the modern-day Parsi's, who were condemned to intermarriage with the barbaric Dravidian natives - thus Parsi's are no longer Aryan). Because the people had not shown too much resistance, there was not much bloodshed and the Arabs handed much control over to Aryan Muslim converts. Iranians used this as an opportunity to drive the Arabs out of Iran and were successful in doing so. Contrary to popular thought, Arab domination did not last long in Iran and was a relatively short period in Iran's long and ancient history. The version of Islam practiced in Iran (Shi'ism) today is not the same as that practiced by the Arabs (Sunnism) and are radically different from each other. This is one of the reasons why Arabs despise Iran and have continually attempted to invade over and over again (most recently observed in the eight year long Iran-Iraq War of the 1980's), but failing every time. These major differences once again prove that Iranians have not mixed with Arabs just because our nation is Muslim. As Iranians, we have guarded ourselves effectively against any type of mixing with Semites, be it racial or cultural.

As a sidenote, Westerners sometimes point to the style of dress worn by the Islamic clergy of Iran, saying that it was imported into Iran by Muslim invaders. The truth of the matter is that this exact style of clerical dress is distinctly Iranian in origin and has been worn by Iranian clergy, regardless of religion, for well over two thousand years. The Arab style of clerical dress is quite different and resembles the north African style.

What it all really comes down to is that no matter how hard Westerners try to denigrate Iran's Aryan culture by lumping our nation in with the Arab states based on religion, the fact remains that Iran is a distinct and unique entity in the East and is the only country in that part of the world to have retained it's national, cultural, and racial identity over the course of six thousand years.

3) Skin color is sometimes used as an excuse by Americans and Europeans to prove that Iranians are mixed. But it is commonly agreed by scientists worldwide that skin color does not denote race and is instead determined by environmental factors. Northern Iranians have light complexions due to the cool climate while southern Iranians have tanned or bronze complexions due to the extreme heat and harsh sun. The myth that Aryan Iranians have dark complexions is false. The only people in Iran that could be said to have "dark" complexions are the Semitic minorities, who altogether do not constitute a significant Iranian minority. What scientists do agree on, however, is that what denotes race is not skin color, but physical characteristics. The physical characteristics of Aryan Iranians are far different from that of Arabs and obviously any other non-White Race. Worldwide racial studies have proven that Aryan Iranians are just as Caucasian as any European, if not more so.

4) There is an ancient tradition in Iran that is still in practice today and is in fact covertly enforced by law. This is the law against intermarriage between members of different racial groups. What this means is that Aryan Iranians are prohibited by both their families and the law from marrying non-Aryans. This tradition has been in effect since prehistoric times. The Persian Empire was a vast collection of many nations and in order to maintain social equality between different peoples and races and to ensure the preservation and survival of each race, this tradition was constantly enforced. Call it "subtle segregation". No other society on earth (except perhaps for the Japanese) has had a similar tradition. Thus, Aryan Iranians are far more pure than Europeans or so-called White Americans (many of whom are known to have traces of Mongoloid or Negroid blood from intermingling with the American Indian and Black populations over the years and which doesn't always reveal itself through their appearances, though they dislike to admit such things).

5) Our culture, traditions and languages have survived for over six thousand years. Up until the revolution, the imperial monarchy had lasted for over 3500 years of uninterrupted history. Greece and Rome died long ago. Other lesser European civilizations are only less than a thousand years old and are not based upon the older legacies. Despite numerous invasions and attempts to destroy our Nation, Iran is one of the few countries in the world to have preserved it's national identity and culture throughout it's entire history. No modern-day European nation can attest to such a feat.

6) Despite common misconceptions, Europeans are not Aryan and never were. The only European people who ever came to Iran were the Elamites, who were a primitive Alpine Race. They were far outnumbered by the Aryans and were assimilated and did not leave an impact upon our civilization. Aryans are to Iran as Nordics are to Scandinavia and Slavs to Eastern Europe.

7) In all of Europe's history, there have never been any European civilizations or peoples who have ever referred to themselves as Aryans. The only people who have ever referred to themselves as Aryans since prehistoric and ancient times have been White Iranians. The word "Aryan" itself only began to be used by Europeans in the 19th century as a symnonym for "Indo-European", which was an inaccurate and false use of the word "Aryan". In that same era, Comte de Gobineau and Houston Stewart Chamberlain began developing and promoting the idea that the Nordic (Germanic) peoples were the purest Aryans and were responsible for all civilization throughout the world. This idea later became popular amongst Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP through efforts by the German-based Thule Society and NSDAP members Alfred Rosenberg and Heinrich Himmler. This idea however has been repudiated by scholars and anthropoligists and is an unfortunate product of the European search for identity.

8) The Persian Empire, unlike Greece and Rome, never practiced slavery. People who were of a different race were not permitted to reside within the Aryan territories of the Empire, and thus when areas were conquered where there were slaves of a different race, those slaves were immediately freed and allowed to return to their homelands. The most widely cited case is that of the Jews who were slaves in Babylon and freed by Cyrus and allowed to return to Jerusalem. Cyrus did not free the Jews from their bondage out of love or compassion, for Aryans have always despised Semites, but out of concern for the welfare and safety of the Empire. Assimilation and racial integration were intensely frowned upon by Aryan rulers, seen as a product of degenerate Greek and Roman civilizations, which were all multiracial.

9) When we look at Europe's history, we find a land that has been filled with decadence and depravity of the worst kinds since time immemorial. Homosexuality, for example, was extremely widespread and a social norm in both ancient Greece and Rome and later continued in widespread practice throughout southern Europe, where it has also infected northern and eastern Europe in more modern times. Needless to say, homosexuality is a practice quite common to primitive coloured peoples and barbaric Semitic tribes, whom the ancient Greeks and Romans seemed to be quite fond of. It is well known that the Etruscans, who were Semites, were in Italy before the Romans and later had a great deal of influence upon Roman culture. Romans from time to time carried out bizarre acts of human sacrifice and the ancient Kelts before them performed human sacrifice regularly. Europeans, like the Semites, practiced slavery and allowed slaves to reside amongst them, resulting in plenty of mixed-race unions. Europe is the birthplace of communism, liberalism, and democracy, which later spawned the civil rights movements and the global economy. One could continue in this vein for a great deal longer and indeed, it says plenty about Europe's racial quality. Iran, being of pure and untainted racial character, has not throughout her entire history, suffered from these Western afflictions.

There are many more facts to invalidate the garbage spewed forth by Western scholars regarding our great Nation & Race, but I think that the point has been made. But what these facts indeed prove is that our Race, the Aryan Race, is far superior culturally and socially to the whole European Race combined and will remain so as long as we assert our identity and protect ourselves from extinction.

It is important to understand though, that the pure European cultures, which are most notably embodied in the pure Hellenic, Latin, and Germanic civilizations, only descended into madness and degeneration after the entry of the Semites into their lands. It is from the Semites that they learned of slavery, sexual depravities, violent sports, misogynistic practices, and fraticide. When we look closely enough, we see that the Semitic influence has largely been responsible for Europe's continual demise into mediocrity and pestilence, from the time of ancient Greece to the United States of today. Europe is a dream that has largely been lost today, due to their lack of true identity and understanding of history. Let us not allow ourselves to fall victim to the same plague that has overcome them.

I leave you with this passage from The Heritage of Persia by the great pro-Iranian scholar, Richard N. Frye:

"Persia, of course, is a designation we obtained from the Greeks, who knew perfectly well that Persia meant the province of the Achaemenian empire where the Persians lived in the land of the Aryans. Aryan, with an approximate derived meaning 'noble, lord', seems to have been the general designation of those people, speaking eastern Indo-European tongues or dialects, who migrated into the lands between the Ganges and Euphrates rivers at the end of the second and the beginning of the first millennium BC. Ancient authors knew that the Persians and Medes were Aryans, and the sources do use the term 'Aryan' for both. With the expansion of the Parthians it would seem that the term Arya, or Ariane in Greek sources, expanded as well so that it finally becomes 'greater Arya', the equivalent to 'realm of the Aryans', which is the term the Sassanians used for the extended homeland of their empire, Iranshahr. The use of the word Iran for the modern country is thus a continuation of the ancient term."


Qaisullah said...

Very interesting read and photos.

You see, The Azeris actually are Aryans - Aryans who'd been Turkified by Qatabeks and such.

The Azeri "Turk" is an Aryan in root-stock. I think they know this as well.

However, Azeri Persians (Azeris in Iran) exhibit a mesopotamian and, sometimes, coastal semitic appearance (e.g., Mahmoud Ahmadinejad). This is far from the case for many Azeri Iranis though.

Anonymous said...

there are some racists on this board. they are quick to blame and then bash arabic speaking people for iranian problems. you are so obsessed with being something are not: white. get over yourself.