Friday, November 03, 2006

Azeri Turks Views: Persia is misunderstood

The name Persia is a misunderstanding by the Western historians. Iran was always called "Iranzamin" or "The Land of Iran" and people in Iran are Iranians and not Persians. Iranian and Persian are the same thing. There are no Persians in Iran. The Greeks called Iran for Persia. But this is a stupid mistake by foreigner when they talk about Persian this and Persian that. But Iranian use only Iran. Persian is only a language. There are no Persian people in Iran. All the people in Iran are "Iranians". Persian and Iranian are the same people. The Azaris are actually Persians who adopted the Turkish language.

Comments by Mr.Kammangir on VNN:
Let me first ask you what are Persians called in Iran? You know they are not called Farsis. You are confirming the stupid mistakes of foreigners when they talk about Persian this and Persian that.

Anything that is Kordish is Kordish (not Persian) and Iranian. Likewise, anything that is Persian is Persian and Iranian

Persian is a synonym for Iranian in the West. Persians are simply Iranians (Persian, Parthians, Scythians and so on) who have discarded their tribal identity and adopted only the Iranian identity. So, strictly, Persians are simply Iranians proper (by that I mean their only identity is Iranian). There are some Iranian groups (Kords, Tajiks, Gilakis, Lors) who are still Iranian but not Iranian proper (or Persian) because they still have a tribal identity. So I don't mean to say that only tribal Persians are true Iranians (I myself am from Tehran and Mashhad so I'm from nowhere near Fars).

The Azaris are actually Persians who adopted the Turkish language. They have mixed a little with Turkish invaders (probably about 10%) unlike the Persians.

Posted by Vijak:
Azari are genetically closer to other Iranians than to Turks or Uzbeks or Turkmens.

Thats why it is virtually impossible to tell an Azari apart from lets say an Iranian from Rasht or Lorestan.

Azeri Views: What is "Iranian Race"?

yes, the word Persian is used by Iranians only to descibe themselves to foreigners, within Iran theres no such thing as a "Persian" ethnicity, noone calls themselves "Farsi" or "Parsi" but rather Irani, which is the standard term for the main people there. Azeris and Kurds and others are the ethnic minorities, which even within them they cannot be deamed a minority because they are identical and fully assimilated with Iran as a whole. So I dont know whose giving you ur facts but the different ethnicities in Iran arent some sort of Iraq-like different sects, or that Azeris only live in their province and Baluchis only live in theirs or so and so forth like u make it out to be, but its rather a melting pot where everyone lives with eachother and you can go ur whole life in any street in Iran without being asked of ur ethnicity or background.

buddy, i've been to every city and town from bushehr to ardebil and from abadan to mashhad, and ethnic groups almost dont exist. u have the so called "persians" which are basically the Iranians and the so called other minorities which are just as Iranian. during the war in fact it was the kurds taht were going out and dying in the highest numbers. and taht map, yes ive seen it before and ive discussed it before, its very distorted and false, mazandarani is not even an ethnicity, its just a province. and who said 70% of Tehran is azeri? perhaps it never dawned on me taht there were so many Azeris if this is true because they and everyone else is soo assimilated, so if the Azeris are taht much woven into the fabric of society, and practically nothing but a slight turkish accent can distinguish them, then why are they even a minority? they're the same people that happen to also speak another language, just as theres people taht speak Arabic in ahvaz and abadan. so no, those people arent ethnic minorities, when i go to Iran what i consider a minority is the large number of Russians i see in Tehran, or the large number of black Africans that the Portuguese broiught over decades ago in the South. other than that, not so much anyone else.


Anonymous said...

No, Mazandaranis are a ethnic group, even they are not iranian, before aryans getting to iran, they were setteled in southern caspian sea, One of reasons that persians would n't like to mention Azaris is this, what that you never would like to respect other ethnics

Qaisullah said...

Ethnic Persians and Azeri "Turks" are the same people, divided only by linguistic family. Azeri Persians should be taken as Persians proper. They were an Indo-Iranian group before Qatabeks and such raided the Elburz and Transcaucasian regions.

Ethnic Persians and Azeris are usually quite European in appearance.

Anonymous said...

Sheer bullshit. Go and read some books dude. You are in nowhere. Persians ruled the world and still are ruling. It is the nationality of all great personalities of Asia.

Anonymous said...

من نفهميدم شما با كي هستين فارسا يا توركا يا كوردا

Bryce said...

Hmm, very interesting comments from everyone. I couldn't help noticing the comments on Mazandarani and thought I might point out a great site in that language:

مَزِروني wiki browser

Anonymous said...

Muhahaha I read this story?? Totally over the subject! Azeri language has nothing to do with, not Iran, not Turkey. man you gotta go to school! Illyria arises Azerbaijan, Albania, and by Baskid. Azerbaijan ... Persian is not under any circumstances, nor Turkey. Turkmenistan is a Persian country! knows, even the five year old boy! Azeri is like a Georgian! yes they are, some of the pronunciation of the gaps, those Turks! And the Turks are also Azeri, Georgian, as well as calls! Azerbaijan begins with the history of 310 years. Iranians, they certainly are not! Baku go to the museum.

Anonymous said...

abdomen was full of laughs! God, am a hot-head ... Azeri Caspian Sea as a person. nothing to do with him Persian. muhahaha, more than Iran. ie Ogooz tribe! Turk is a Trans-Caspian language of the tribe! Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan west, western Uzbekistan, southern Kazakhstan and Turkey, formed the Caspian race lore. Azeri Caspian is a race that has become an ancient nationality, which never before had to come sküüdide and Illyria. Race is an incredible world of strange. does anyone know specifically where they originate. but many of the Scandinavian and German are also Ugrians mimg come nowhere. But where?? Coppermine is a trans-Caspian and his closest nations. ponto, western Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan in the north west of Iran. Azeri-specific genes of these bear!

of back to school ... dope!